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Kevin Owens shares interesting photo after WrestleMania 37 moves to Raymond James Stadium


Kevin Owens seems happy after WrestleMania moves to Raymond James Stadium

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens hasn’t forgotten what he had planned to do at WrestleMania 36 if the event had taken place at Raymond James Stadium.

Kevin Owens posted an interesting picture on his official Twitter handle soon after it was announced that WrestleMania 37 has been shifted to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The photo features the iconic steel-and-concrete replica pirate ship that’s situated on the north end zone of the stadium. The ship is 103-foot long and weighs a whopping 43-ton!

Kevin Owens had planned a big spot involving the ship for WrestleMania 36

At WrestleMania 36, Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins after climbing on top of the WrestleMania sign and hit Rollins Rollins with an elbow drop through the announcers’ table. Owens later posted a tweet in which he revealed that he had major plans for a spot at WrestleMania 36 before it was moved to the WWE Performance Center.

Owens followed the tweet up with another, in which he gave us a closer look at the ship. He revealed that the guy visible on the bottom left part of the picture is his dad. Interestingly, this is the exact same photo that Owens posted mere minutes ago.

Kevin Owens seems delighted now that WrestleMania is going to take place at Raymond James Stadium. It would be interesting to see if he ends up executing the spot he has been planning for a year.

Kevin Owens is currently involved in a feud with Universal Champion Roman Reigns. He is one of the biggest babyfaces in all of WWE at the moment. The duo had a TLC match for the belt at the namesake event, which Reigns won with help from Jey Uso. Soon after, Kevin Owens and Reigns faced off in a Steel Cage match on SmackDown, and the same story followed there.

Now, Owens will face Reigns again at the Royal Rumble event in a Last Man Standing match.

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