John Cena grabs one more record under his belt, check it out this stunning achievement


2020 was an exceptionally fascinating year for WWE. They had the option to keep the show experiencing the pandemic, yet they likewise broke a long-standing record all the while. This is a record that WWE probably didn’t really need to break.

John Cena is extremely occupied with his other Hollywood responsibilities, yet he had the option to work a Firefly Fun House coordinate against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36. He just showed up during the work for that fight.

It additionally assisted increment with intriguing on FOX. 2020 was the main year since 2004 that John Cena didn’t show up on a solitary scene of WWE Raw. Perhaps 2021 will see a return for Cena to the longest running week by week wordy TV program.

It’s hazy when John Cena will return. They have ordinarily brought him back around Royal Rumble time for the way to WrestleMania.

So far no one is dropping any clues that his return is coming. The lone Superstar who truly makes reference to Cena any longer is R-Truth as he sees the 16x Champ as his youth legend.

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