6 Things WWE subtly told us on SmackDown: Superstar to turn heel and join Roman Reigns’ faction, Popular star to finally get pushed after five months?

6 Things WWE subtly told us on SmackDown: Superstar to turn heel and join Roman Reigns’ faction, Popular star to finally get pushed after five months?


Welcome to this week’s edition of things WWE subtly told us on SmackDown! SmackDown this week was primarily centered around Adam Pearce and the Universal Championship picture heading into the Royal Rumble.

The episode played out well and didn’t have a boring moment. It did, however, end in a big way, but not necessarily one that WWE fans will be happy with. Either way, here is what WWE subtly told us this week on SmackDown:

#6 Apollo Crews’ role on SmackDown

Things just got interesting

We saw a backstage segment on SmackDown where Roman Reigns was seen having a conversation with Apollo Crews. 2020 was a great year for Apollo Crews, but after his United States title reign ended in August, he was going on a downward spiral.

There could just be hope for him on SmackDown and it could come in the form of Roman Reigns. As you may know, Apollo Crews has been gunning for the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown, which is why it was only appropriate that Big E was ringside.

Apollo Crews defeated Sami Zayn using some underhand tactics, meaning that Big E was less than impressed. Even then, a cocky Apollo Crews went face-to-face with the IC Champ, and the two will meet next week on SmackDown with the title on the line.

While we don’t expect Apollo Crews to win, he will likely give a good challenge to Big E. WWE teased Apollo Crews turning heel, and if he does, he could become an unexpected name to join Roman Reigns’ faction.

It would be a huge spot for the former US Champion as well, and maybe some of Roman Reigns’ personality can rub on to him.

Either way, SmackDown is a good place to be for Apollo Crews, and his half a year stint on RAW in 2020 is proving to be helpful.

#5 The Dominik Mysterio situation on SmackDown

Rey Mysterio to a dejected Dominik

The last few months on SmackDown must have been frustrating for Dominik Mysterio. There was a massive build to his debut at SummerSlam, and he delivered in a big way. Ever since his move to SmackDown, the focus was either on his sister Aalyah, or his father.

Lately, the spotlight has been on Rey Mysterio, and on this week’s episode, we saw Rey Mysterio face King Corbin and he suffered a defeat. Corbin even made sure to taunt Dominik on commentary.

It was odd that Dominik was suddenly not the center of attention in the Mysterio family. He certainly proved that he belongs in the ring, and has a long, exciting future at just 23.

There is a lot of time to ease Dominik into WWE programming, especially given his age. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to see WWE only utilize him sporadically till he gets a bit older.

Either way, it looks like Dominik Mysterio is also entering into a feud with King Corbin on SmackDown.

#4 Ding Dong Hello! on SmackDown


Bayley has a new show on SmackDown. We find it interesting that almost immediately after Britt Baker got her own show “Waiting Room” on AEW Dynamite, WWE decided to give Bayley one of her own. Ding Dong Hello! is what it’s called and, of course, the first guest had to be Bianca Belair.

It was a good way to get their feud ahead, but rather than a match, we’ll be getting an obstacle course challenge next week on SmackDown.

#3 Daniel Bryan’s downward slump

Daniel Bryan and Otis training

Daniel Bryan might be having entertaining segments with Otis and Chad Gable, but it appears as though he could be on a slightly downward slump. Last week, he was pinned by Shinsuke Nakamura clean, and this week, Cesaro managed to beat him.

Cesaro tried to be there for Shinsuke Nakamura and was supporting him, and it eventually led to a backstage clash with Daniel Bryan. They had a good match, and Cesaro walked out as the winner. What does this mean for Daniel Bryan heading into the 2021 Royal Rumble match?

#2 What is Shinsuke Nakamura’s status on SmackDown

Shinsuke Nakamura was victorious again

Shinsuke Nakamura should technically be the No.1 contender to the Universal title on SmackDown, but somehow, he isn’t. After running through multiple stars including Daniel Bryan on the show last week, he seemed poised to become Roman Reigns’ Royal Rumble title challenger.

That didn’t happen, and Adam Pearce took that spot instead. We assumed that Shinsuke Nakamura’s victory would result in him working his way to a title shot at the Royal Rumble.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. However, we will admit that WWE is handling Nakamura better on SmackDown than they have in the last few years.

Given the King Of Strong Style’s latest win over Jey Uso on SmackDown, it appears as though WWE is protecting the Japanese Superstar. While he may not be a Royal Rumble title challenger, he could be in the Elimination Chamber PPV on February 28th.

It would be a good spot for him. It’s just that he has little to no chance of becoming the Universal Champion at the moment.

#1 The Universal title picture takes an old turn on SmackDown

Adam Pearce stumbling

As mentioned earlier, SmackDown was centered around Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce. At first, a No DQ stipulation seemed to be signed for the match. While sitting with Apollo Crews, Roman Reigns told Paul Heyman that stipulation wasn’t good enough, and he demanded a Last Man Standing Match.

Somehow, the contract was changed, and it took Roman Reigns till the end of the night to sign his contract. However, Adam Pearce started limping and revealed that there would be a replacement.

While we thought it was going to be Shinsuke Nakamura, it turned out to be Kevin Owens. So the match is now Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble for the Universal Championship.

Admittedly, it’s not the best direction to go on SmackDown. We’ve already seen this match played out, and there’s little to no expectation of Kevin Owens winning the Universal title. Adam Pearce, or even Shinsuke Nakamura for that matter, would have been a fresher and more exciting feud.

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