5 Most surprising moments in WWE this year


The year 2020 has been one filled with unprecedented challenges for WWE, where the company had to make do with not having fans in the arena present.

WWE had to rely on its strongest asset, storytelling, paving the road with twists and turns to keep the audience engaged, and despite poor viewership numbers, there have been plenty of cool, unexpected, and surprising moments.

What are some of the surprising moments from this year that you think we may have missed out on? Be sure to let us know your own list in the comments section below, ladies, and gentlemen.

Can you foresee crowds entering the arena again in the year 2021, the way that things stand right now?

5) Roman Reigns aligns himself with Paul Heyman and becomes the heel that the WWE Universe has always wanted him to be

Fans have wanted Roman Reigns to turn heel for many years now, and in 2020, Vince McMahon finally listened to the WWE Universe, transforming The Big Dog into The Tribal Chief and The Head of the Table. However, what really sets Roman Reigns apart from every other heel in the WWE roster is the fact that he’s now a Paul Heyman guy. The alliance with his advocate just makes Roman Reigns seem like a really big deal and consequently, a really big heel.

4) Becky Lynch announces that she’ll be taking a leave of absence from WWE, to become a mother

3) Edge stuns the world by returning at WWE Royal Rumble 2020

The return of Edge to WWE, after being told that he will never wrestle again was nothing short of a miracle and one has to be glad that it happened in front of a packed WWE crowd. There were roars heard around the world, as fans screamed in jubilation when Edge made his way to the ring during the Royal Rumble.

2) Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt form one of the most formidable WWE alliances ever

1) The New Day, arguably the greatest WWE trio of the decade, is split up for good

WWE stunned the wrestling fraternity during the 2020 Draft when it was announced that Big E would be staying in the SmackDown brand while Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston would be moving to RAW, presumably to bolster the tag team division.

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